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Business and Trademark Attorney Firm Minott Gore, P.A. celebrates its ten year anniversary! The Story Behind Our Law Firm We […]
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Intellectual Property Agreements To Protect Your Trademark and Brand Name In addition to providing our clients with professional U.S trademark […]
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Annual Reports for your Florida corporation or limited liability company (LLC) are due to the Florida Department of State on or […]
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With the increased legalization of marijuana for medicinal, as well as recreational, use across 23 states and the District of […]
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TOP TEN CHECK POINTS FOR SETTING UP A FLORIDA COMPANY 1. Select the proper legal entity for your business, whether […]
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This month, we consider a little known trademark designation know as Trademark Geographical Indications. What exactly is a Geographical Indication […]
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If you have, or are starting, a business, there are several legal documents and contracts you may encounter in the […]
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One of the basic principles of trademark law in the United States is that the first party to adopt and […]
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What makes a city a great entrepreneurial hub? What does it take to attract top talent, incubate home grown technologies […]
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What is an Intent-to-Use Trademark Application and is it worth your while (and money) to file one? Trademark owners who […]